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1984 - 1999

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1984: Volume 1 (Number 1) (Size 6.7 MByte)

Original Articles

Hailu Meche, Tamiru Dibeya, John Bennet.The training and use of community health agents in Ethiopia. 1984; 1(1):31-40

Gertrudes Mendonca. The Zone of influence of some rural health centers in Mozambique. 1984; 1(1):41-46

Eyassu Habte-Gabre, Estifanos Tekle, Mengistu Mamo. Meningococcal Meningitis in Ethiopia 1974-1983 and strategies for control. 1984; 1(1):47-63

Hailu Meche, Mahir Woldeab. Reaching the people: some issues in the utilization of Selected Hospitals in Addis Ababa. 1984; 1(1):65-72

Yilma Mekuria, Tamirat Tesfamariam, Solomon Tefera.Insecticides Sold in the streets of Addis-Ababa for Domestic use and Possible Public Hazard Associated with Practice.1984; 1(1):73-77

Review Articles

Oscar Gish. Some strengths and weaknesses of Traditional and Academic Anthro-Sociological Research: A Review of: Health Care in East Africa: Illness Behavior of the Eastern Oromo in Hararghe (Ethiopia) by W.F.L, Buschkens and L.J. Silkkerveer.1984; 1(1):79-87

News and Reviews

Asfaw Desta. The National Health Development Net Work of Ethiopia. 1984; 1(1):89-90

1984: Volume 1 (Number 2) (Size 2,3 MByte)

Original Articles

W.Felton Rose. Primary health care and the control of communicable diseases in developing countries. 1984;1(2):15-20.

Michael F.R Waters. New development in Leprosy control and the issue of integration.1984;1(2):21-32

Befekadu Sisay. New development in Tuberculosis control and the issue of integration. 1984;1(2):33-37

Adde Rijk. Combining tuberculosis and leprosy services in one programme.1984;1(2):37-44

J.A Warndorff. Attempt at integrating the training in leprosy and tuberculosis: Experience, problems and prospects. 1984;1(2):45-48

M.Becx-Bleumink. New development in ALERT leprosy control programme and the issue of integration.1984;1(2):49-56

Tadelle Tedla. New development in National leprosy control programme and the issue of integration. 1984;1(2):57-68

Morten Harboe. Current research and future development in leprosy and tuberculosis control. 1984;1(2):69-74


Tadesse Kelbessa and ALRT / AHRI staff. Preliminary bibliography on leprosy in Ethiopia. 1984:1(2):75-87

1987 Top

1987: Volume 2 (Number 1)

Original Articles

Elias Gebre-Egziabher. Diagnosis before action: A Kap survey as Base line for schistosomiasis control pilot project in Kemissie, Wollo Administrative Region.1987;2(1):1-10

Tadeusz J. Szuba. Procurement of essential drugs. 1987;2(1):11-18

Zein Ahmed Zein, Sirak petros, Shimelis Alemayohu, Shumie Tolla, Shiferaw Ayalew and Seyoum Tafesse. The Prevalence of perceived morbidity in Addis -Zemen town, Ethiopia. 1987;2(1):19-26

Tunde Oguntona, Clara R. Bernstein, and ladi Williams. Dietary (Nutrient) intake of Nigerian peasants living in a semi-Arid Zone. 1987;2(1):27-36

Melake-Berhan Dagnew, Teshale Soboxa, and Seifu Daniel. An assessment of a two way patient referral system in Gondar Region. 1987;2(1):37-42

Tilahun Woldemichael and Negash Gemeda. Survey of intermediate snail hosts of human schistosomes in resettlement sites of Western Ethiopia. 1987;2(1):43-50

Afeworki Gebre-yohannes and B.S. Drasar. Shigella dysentriae and Shigella Flexneri serotype prevalence and seasonal distribution in Addis-Ababa. 1987;2(1):51-58

Aberra Geyid and Admassu Maru. A survey of Aflatoxin contents in maize, sorghum and teff samples. 1987;2(1):59-70

Helmut Kloos. Medical Geography: Its role in disease control and health development in Africa with particular reference to Ethiopia. 1987;2(1):71-92

1987: Volume 2 (Number 2)

Yayehyirad Kitaw. Special issue on self- care: A study of three communities in Ethiopia. A publication of the National health development network Ethiopia. 1987; 2(2): 9-75

1989 Top
1989: Volume 3 (Number 1)

Original Articles

Fisseha Haile Meskel. Health research and its organization in Ethiopia.1989;3(1):9-16

Helmut Klooms and Befekadu Girma. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice concerning community health service in Addi-Ababa. 1989;3(1):17-32

Gebreselassie Okubagzi. Descriptive epidemiology of out patient service consumers in Gondar Region, Ethiopia. 1989;3(1):33-44

Afeworki Gebre-yohannes. The pattern of drug resistance in shigella dysentriae and shigella Flexneri isolates in Ethiopia.1989;3(1):45-52

Bayu Teklu and Bekele Degefu. Acute respiratory infection in Ethiopian Bank employees. 1989;3(1):53-56

Yayehyirad Kitaw, Tadesse Kelbessa and Negussie G-mariam. Bibliography on malaria in Ethiopia. 1989;3(1):57-74

1989: Volume 3 (Number 2)

Original Articles

Makonnen Bishaw. The implication of indigenous Medical Beliefs to Biomedical practice.


Gebre-Emanuel Teka, Amare Mengistu, Wondwessen Amongne, Gezahagne Wagasso, Kibru Beza, Nesru Naji and Yilma Dagne. Assessment of accessibility, acceptability and usage pattern of the water supplies system in an Ethiopian rural town.1989;3(2):91-104

Tadele Tedla.Epidemiological survey of leprosy control in Bichena District, Gojam administrative region, Ethiopia. 1989;3(2):105-114

Wondimagegnehu Alemu, Mehari Wolde-ab, and Ingela Bergrren Palme. Missed opportunities for immunization in Addis- Ababa. 1989;3(2):115-124

Fisseha Haile-Meskel, Tilahun Wolde-Michael, Mekuria Lakew, Amare Degene and Terefe Wondimagegnehu. Environmental modification and chemotherapy on the control of urinary schistosomiasis in the Gewani Flood plain, Ethiopia.1989;3(2):125-134

Hailegnaw Eshete. Comparison of direct and concentration technique in the diagnosis of intestinal parasites. 1989;3(2):135-138

Bayu Teklu. Identification of Tuberculosis "suspects" in Ethiopian patients by history alone- A preliminary communication. 1989;3(2):139-144

Letter to the Editor

Hailgnaw Eshete. The problem of media coverage on health.1989;3(2):146-147

1990 Top

1990: Volume 4 (Number 1)

Original Articles
Tesfaye Bulto, Wondimu Workineh, Seyoum Taticheff, Amha Kebede and Degene Tilahun. Mass treatment of Onchocerchiasis with Ivermectin at Bebeka Coffee Plantation in Ethiopia: Operational aspects for drug distribution and adverse reaction observed. 1990;4(1):1-5

Tilahun woldemichael. Electrophorectic studies on the Enzymes of snail intermediate hosts schistosoma mansoni from Ethiopia. 1990;4(1):7-14

Desta Shamebo. Mothers' perceived cause of death- A survey of infant mortality in Butajira, Ethiopia. 1990;4(1):15-20

Tewodros Leka and Mohammed Abadir. Prescription pattern of analgesic drugs in 13 rural and regional hospitals of Ethiopia. 1990;4(1):21-29

Tewodros Leka and Yohannes Jorge. Survey of the knowledge and application of essential and National drug lists among health professionals in Addis- Ababa. 1990;4(1):31-34

Derege Kebede and Tigest Ketsela. Medical students' attitudes towards community health. 1990;4(1):35-43

Tilahun Woldemichael, Tsehay Assefa and Tareke seyoum. Intestinal parasitism among the student population of the Wonji-Showa sugar state.

Tesfaye Shiferaw. Survey of immunization levels and factors affecting programme participation in Keffa, south western Ethiopia. 1990;4(1):51-59

Special Article
Fekade Tsegaye. Technical and managerial aspects of Environmental and health impact assessment of water resource development projects- The Ethiopian experience. 1990;4(1):61-68

S.A. IGWE. Rural optometry as an integral primary health care in Imo state Nigeria. 1990;4(1):69-72

1990: Volume 4 (Number 2)

Original Article
(special artices on HIV/AIDS)
Lev Khodakevich. Global AIDS situation and projections to the Year 2000.

Debre-Work Zewdie, Getachew Gizaw, , Girma Degifie and Monica Wernette. AIDS Control Programme: Development and AIDs control programme in Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):87-96

Tekle Hadgu, Elias Gebre Egziabher, Getachew Gizaw, Amsale Yilma, Lev Khodakevich, Debre-Work Zewdie, and Donna Flanagan. Intersectoral colaboration in AIDS control in Ethiopia.1990;4(2):97-99

Mengistu Mihret and Levkhodakevich. Surveillance of human immunodifficiency virus infection in Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):101-105

Hailu Negassa, Levkhodakevich, Hailu Kefene, Debre-Work Zewdie and Bekele Shanko. Surveillance on AIDs cases in Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):107-114

Mulugeta Workalemahu, Debre-Work Zewdie, Seyoum Ayohunie and Tigest Kebede. Laboratory net work for HIV infection in Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):115-121

Solomon Gabre. Sexual behavior and knowledge of AIDs and other STDs: A survey of senior high school students. 1990;4(2):123-131

Mengistu Mihret, Levkhodakevich, Bekele Shanko and Fikirte Belete. Sexual behavior and some social features of female sex workers in the city of Addis Ababa. 1990;4(2):133-137

Mengistu Mihret, Levkhodakevich, Bekele Shanko, Almaz G/kidan, Hawelte Bogoyehu, and Fikrite Belete. Pregnacy/ STD protective means used by HIV female sex workers in Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):139-142

Workneh Feleke, Massimo Ghidinelli, Solomon Desta, Mohammed Yosuf
Some social features of STD patients in Addis- Ababa, Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):143-147

Solomon Desta,Mohammed Yosuf, Workneh Feleke, Mengistu Mihret Aberra Geyid, Massimo Ghidinelli, Levkhodakevich, Debre-Work Zewdie, Giampiero Carosi. Prevalence of STD and STD related risk factors in sex workers of Addis Ababa. 1990;4(2):149-153

Abera Geyid, Haile-Selassie Tesfaye, Aklog Abraha, Yetnebersh Lemeneh, Solomon Desta, Workneh Feleke. Isolates of STD causative agents from Sex workers in Addis-Ababa- (A preliminary report). 1990;4(2):155-162

Mengistu Mihret, Levkhodakevich, Bekele Shanko, Seyuom Ayohunie, Getachew Gizaw, Bekele Shanko, Haile-Michael Manore, Assefa Gemeda, Fassil Ketema, Mengesha Yadeta, Demissew Bekele, Tigist Kebede, Tadesse Fissehaye, Simunegus Lakew, and Riffissa Bekele
HIV-1 Infection and related risk factors among female sex workers in urban areas of Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):163-170

Mengistu Mihret, Levkhodavich, Bekele Shanko, Seyuom Ayohunie, Getachew Gizaw, Bekele Shanko, Haile-Michael Manore, Assefa Gemeda, Fassil Ketema, Mengesha Yadeta, Demissew Bekele, Tigist Kebede, Tadesse Fissehaye, Simunegus Lakew, Debre-Work Zewdie, Mulugeta Tadesse Ermias Hailu and Gezahegne Adal
HIV-1 Infection and some related risk factor among female sex workers in Addis-Ababa. 1990;4(2):171-176

Mengistu Mihret, Levkhodavich, Bekele Shanko, Seyuom Ayohunie, Getachew Gizaw, Bekele Shanko, Debre-Work Zewdie, Belayneh Gebre-Hiwot, Assefa Gemeda, Gezahgn Adal, Teshome Abebe, Rifissa Bekele
HIV-1 infection among employees of the Ethiopian Freight Transport Corporation. 1990;4(2):177-182

Mengistu Mihret, Levkhodavich, Bekele Shanko, Debre- Work Zewdie
Progression of human immunodeficiency virus epidemic in Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):183-190

Mengistu Mihret, Levkhodavich, Bekele Shanko and Hailu Negassa
Projections of the development of HIV/ AIDS epidemics in Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):191-195

Hailu Kefene, Debre-work Zewdie, Bekure Desta Haregewoin Mehari, Hirute Fekede Mulugeta Tadesse, Fassil Ketema and Tigest Kebede
The prevalence of HIV-1 antibodies in 106 Tuberculosis patients.

Debre-Work Zewdie, Levkhodavich, Bekele Shanko, Seyuom Ayohunie, Getachew Gizaw, Bekele Shanko, Fassil Ketema, Tigist Kebede, Belayneh G/ Hiwot, Mulugeta Tadesse, Ermias Hailu and Gezahegne Adal ELISA false positivity in relation to HIV-1 prevalence in Ethiopia.

Tsehaynesh mesele and Debre-work Zewdie. Comparison of two generation of Wellcozyme Kits. 1990;4(2):207-211

Hailu Negassa, Hailu Kefene, Lev Khodakevich, Debre-Work Zewdie and Bekele Shanko. Profile of AIDs cases in Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):213-217

Fekerte Belete, Carol Larivee, Almaz G/kidan, Tadesse Fissehaye and Abraham Fissehaye. Social Mobilization and condom promotion among sex workers in Nazareth Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):219-224

Amsale Yilma, Wondwossen Temis, Donna Flanagan, Hailegnaw Eshete, Abrahazion Debrezion Lev Khodakevich and Debre-Work Zewdie. " Fight AIDs together" An intensive drive to prevent AIDS. 1990;4(2):225-229

Araya Gebru, Yilma Workneh, Donna Flanagan and Atalelegn kibret
A pilot project for AID/STD education in Ethiopian schools. 1990;4(2):231-237

Short Communication
Mengistu Mihret, Levkhodavich, Bekele Shanko and Debre-work Zewdie
Prevalence of HIV-1 infection among out patient of Assela Town, Ethiopia. 1989. 1990;4(2):239-240

Almaz G/kidan, Lev khodakevich, Hailu Negassa Hawelte Begoayehu, Bekele Shanko and Fekerte Belete. Some factors promoting sex employment in Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):241-243

Almaz G/kidan, Hailu Negassa and Fekerte Belete. Response to counseling of HIV carriers and AIDs patients in Ethiopia. 1990;4(2):245-247



1991: Volume 5 (Number 1)

Original Article
Ephrem Ghide, Mekonnen Assefa, Seid Mohammed and Fassil Tessema
Analysis of deliveries in Jimma hospital. A four-year retrospective study.

Belay Betemariam, Fekadu Beyene, Jhon Mangwiro, Lulu Aberra, Nebreed Fisseha and Derege Kebede

Description of Meningitis epidemic in Haikoch Na Butajira district.

Damen H/mariam and Joice Pickering
Determinants of community health agent functionality in Arsi region.

Asnake Hailu and Derege Kebede
Determinants of preclampsia and gestational hypertension.

Louise Pilote, George Olwit, Gebre-selassie Okubagzi and Charles Larson
Community based nutritional survey: Geruke Jimate peasants' association. Illubabur region, Ethiopia.

Mengistu Asnake and Charles Larson
Focus group identification of barriers to the use of modern contraceptive in the Gara muleta district of East Harerghae.

Zein Ahmed Zein, Tekleberhan Berhe, Teshome Assefa and Yared Fantaye
Blood pressure distribution and hypertension in two rural communities of Gondar region, Ethiopia.

Melake Berhan Damena, Habteab Besuamlac, Assefa Mengesha, Dawit Mihret, Assmelash Fisseha and Yeshitila Hailu
Prevalence of anaemia among elementary and high school students living in Gorgora.

Wondwossen Desta and Yohannes Gebrat
Response of plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in hospitalized patients at Sidamo Regional hospital.

1991: Volume 5 Number 2
Original Articles
Helmut Kloos, Abdulhamid Bedri and Abdulaziz Addus
Intestinal parasitism in three resettlement farms in Western Ethiopia.

Aberra Geyid Frew Tekabe, Assmamaw Tigre, Mulu Girma and Sisaynesh Assefa
A preliminary study of the Microfloral level of some fruits and vegetables: pre and post preservation.

Challi Jira.
The prevalence of leprosy among different ethnic groups in Blue Nile valley of Western Ethiopia.

Zein Ahmed Zein and Alemayohu Worku
The distribution of low birth weight in the Gondar administrative region, Northwestern Ethiopia.

Special Report
Genene Mengistu, Yahya A Ipuge, Tobias Rinke de Wit
Infectious Diseases: A challenge to development.

Brief Report
Hailegnaw Eshete
Knowledge and feeling of some people about condom use in relation to HIV/AIDS in Addis-Ababa.


1992: Volume 6 (Number 1)

Original Articles
Zeleke W/Tensay and Haileselassie Tesfaye
Isolation of enteric pathogens and coliform bacteria from infant feeding bottle contents in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mekonnen Admassu and Aberra Geyid
An investigation of diarrheal disease outbreak at Bilate military training centre.

Yohannes Kinfu
Maternal education and child survival.

Hailu Kefene, Bekure Desta and Almaz Abebe
Immunogenicity of plasma derived vaccine in Ethiopian hospital personnel.

Assefa Aga and Aberra Geyid
An outbreak of acute toxicity caused by eating food contaminated with Datura Stramonium.

O.O Keshinro and C.O Azuoru
A comparative study of the nutrient composition of some common Nigerian soups.

Zein Ahmed Zein
The nominal group process in the identification of the health interest of Ethiopian secondary school students.

Supplements (work shop on health aspects of repatriation in Ethiopia)

Getachew Gizaw
Health aspects of repatriation of ex-soldiers.

Ephrem Assefa
Migration and health( Refugees and Retunees in Ethiopia).

Tamirat Retta
Health aspects of the repatriation of displaced civilian population in war and drought –affected areas of Ethiopia.

1992: Volume 6 (Number 2)

Original Articles
Dawit Zewdie, Yonas Sisay, Derege Kebede and Deneke Mamo
HIV infection in Ethiopian Blood donors: prevalence, trends and future projections.

Mengistu Asnake, Charles Larson and Gebre-Emanuel Teka
Water handling procedures and their association with childhood diarrhea.

Mesganaw Fantahun, George Olwit and Desta Shamebo.
Determinants of ANC attendance and preference of site of delivery in Addis Ababa. 1992;6(2):17-21

Mogessie Ashenafi
Growth potential and inhibition of bacillus cereus and staphylococcus aureus during the souring of ergo, a traditional Ethiopian fermented milk.

Wondemagegnehu Alemu and Hailu Meche
Expanded programme on immunization: trends of target diseases in Ethiopia, 1977-1989.

A school of public health in Ethiopia. A symposium on human resource development fr public health science.

Abstracts presented in the third annual scientific conference of the Ethiopian Public Health Associat-ion (Oct. 21-23, 1992)

Meaza Demissie and Derege kebede
Defaulting from tuberculosis treatment in Addis-Ababa.

Mesfin Addisse and Denis G Carlson
Historical and social aspects of leprosy in Ethiopia.

Kassahun Abate
A retrospective study of allergic rhinitis at st, Paul hospital (Addis-Ababa).

Mismay G/hiwot and Joice Pickering
Prevalence of hypertension and its determinants in Ethiopian adult population.

Yemane Berhane and Joice Pickering
Are reminder stickers effective in reducing immunization dropout rates?

Kasshun Abate
Factors influencing mothers to default from immunization programme in Kirkos district.

Mathewos Wakbulcho
Attitudes towards current pregnancy among antenatal clinic attendants.

Filmona Bisrat and Joice Pickering
KAP study in Harar town high school students on family planning.

Damen H/Mariam
Factors affecting knowledge, attitude and practice of family planning service in Arsi Region.

Solomon Demamu
Family planning utilization pattern in Kola –Diba (Gondar) health centre.

Abate Gudnefa and Mathewos Wakbulcho
The effect of community based distribution on contraceptive prevalence rate.

Girma Jebere, Amare Degene Anne Cahalane and Aine Makham
Estimates of vital rates and assessment of health problems in Enemore Awaraja. Western Showa administrative region.

Amare Dejene, Tilahun Woldemichael, Syoum Taticheff, Hailegnaw Eshete, Abate Gudnefa and Mathewos Wakbulcho
Environmental health survey in Addis Ababa and Wolliso area.

Hailegnaw Eshete, TesfayeBulto and Zergabachew Asfaw
Lessons learnt from the 1985 cholera epidemic in Adis-Ababa.

Amare Dejene, Syoum Taticheff, Hailegnaw Eshete and Mathewos Wakbulcho
Socio-demographc survey of the integrated project (IP) in Addis-Ababa and Wolliso area, Ethiopia.

Shimelis Bekele
Breast-feeding practices among factory workers and housewives in Akaki town. 1992;6(2):51

Asnake Tesfahun
The prevalence and duration of breast feeding practice among mothers of different occupational status in Agaro town.

Mesganaw Fantahun, George Olwit and Desta Shamebo
Factors affecting antenatal care attendance and preference of place of delivery by pregnant women in Gullele district, Addis-Ababa ( full article is presented in this issue, pp.17-21).

Girma Jebere, Amare Degene, Anne Cahalane and Aine Makham
Assessment of maternal and child health in Enemore Awarja, Western Showa administrative region.

Tesfaye Shiferaw
Maternal mortality in rural communities of Illubabur, South Western Ethiopia.

Ayele Nigatu and Berhanu Abegaz Gashe
Fate of some food born pathogens and spoilage bacteria bacillus cereus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and salmonella sps. In Fermenting Tef dough (eragrostis tef) and fermented kocho(enset vernitricosum).

Adane Bitew
Anti-fungal Metabolites from submerged culture of Gandorema lucidum(polypore).

Tesfaye Mengesha and Akira Ashii
Passive case detection (PCD) into malaria epidemiology in Ethiopia.

Girma Jebere, Amare Degene Anne Cahalane and Aine Makham
Problems and need assessment in Enemore Awarja, Western Showa administrative region.

Aschalew Hundie and Adinew Adam
Preliminary study on water clarifying properties of two plants.

Melakebrehan Dagnew, Wondwossen Hailu, Tesfaye Worku, Elias H/kidan, Sisay Yifru, Tarko Allene
Intensity of intestinal parasite infections in a small farming village near lake Tana, NorthWest Ethiopia.

Hailu Yeneneh
Survey of intestinal parasites in Bure area, Illubabur region.

Seyoum Taticheff, Tilahun Woldemichael, Hailegnaw Eshete, Amare Dejene, Mathewos Wakbulcho, Abate Gudnefa and Debessi Haile
Intestinal helimenthiasis: An IP baseline survey in Addis-Ababa and wolliso.

Amha Kebede and Seyoum Taticheff
Unusual prevalence of Hymenolopsis dimunita in Bebeka coffee plantation, Southwestern Ethiopia.

Assefa Aga and Tadesse Molla
Effects of roundworms upon nutritional status of children in Shebie town, Southwestern Ethiopia.

Tilahun Woldemichael, Amha Kebede and Tareke Seyoum
Intestinal Schistosomiasis: imported or endemic in Makalle.

Hailu Birie T/mariam Ayele, Fekadu Abebe and Shibru Tedla
Transmission of schistosoma mansoni in three ecological settings in Ethiopia. I. Epidemiological aspects.

Wondimu Workneh and Madeline Fletcher
Determinants of onchocerciasis infection and its impact on health and productivity in Teppi coffee plantation field workers.

Shabir Ismail and Joice Pickering
Routes of HIV infection in to rural communities of Ethiopia, Limu district, South shewa region.

Tesfaye Mengesha, Wondatir Nigatu, Mitiku W/giorgis, Hailegnaw Eshete and Ikira Ishii
Analysis of the 1991 malaria epidemic in Ethiopia.

Mesfin Kassaye, Charles Larson
A randomized community trial of three alternative oral dehydration therapies in sululta district, Adis –Ababa Administrative region.

Fisseha Hailemeskel, Amare Dejene, Abate Gudnefa and Seble mekonnen
Perception and attitudes regarding harmful traditional practices.

Almaz Abeba, Bo Johonsson, Jams Abens and Orjan strannegard.
Detection of enteroviruses in faeces by polymerase chain reactions.


1993: Volume 7 (Number 1)

Original Article
Meseret Shiferaw and Samuel G/hiwot
Socio-demographic factors influencing the use modern contraception in an urban population in southwestern Ethiopia.

Hailu Birrie Shibru Tedla, Berhanu Erko, Nega Berhe and Fekadu Abebe
Schistosomiasis in Ficha river valley, Wollega region.

Berhanu Erko and Shibru Tedla
The incidence of Schistosomiasis in Bahir-Dar, Ethiopia.

Berhanu Erko and Shibru Tedla
Intestinal helmintic infection at Zeghie, Ethiopia, with Emphasis on Schistosoma mansoni.

Melakebrehan Dagnew, Wondwossen Hailu, Tesfaye Worku, Elias G/kidan, Sisay Yifiru, Tariku Alene and Tibabu Demissie
Intensity of intestinal parasite infestation in a small farming village near lake Tana, Ethiopia.

National AIDS control Programme, MOH
AIDS case surveillance in Ethiopia.

Special Report
International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Uniform requirment for manscript submitted to biomedical journals.

1993: Volume 7 (Number 2)

Helmut Kloos
Humand Behavior and schistosomiasis.

Original Articles
Hailu Birrire Teklmariam Ayele, Shibru Tedla and Fekadu Ayele
Transmission of schistosoma mansoni in three ecological settings in Ethiopia (Epidemiological aspect).

Haregewoin Cherinet
Composite flour development for injera.

Kelbessa Urga and Mengistu G/tsadik
The effect of soaking time and soaking solution on the nutritional qualtity of grass pea seeds.

Mathewos Wakbulcho
Family planning survey among Ethiopian domestic distribution corporation employees in Addis-Ababa.

S.A. Igwe
Breast feeding and anovulatory cycles in some rural communities in Nigeria.

Brief communication
Kester D. and Keshinro O.O
The effect of contraceptives on vitamin C metabolism: Special reference on 19-nortestosterone group ( combined estrogen and progesterone tablets) on ascorbate.

National AIDS Control Programme, MOH
AIDS case surveillance in Ethiopia.

Abstracts presented on the fourth annual conference of the Ethiop-ian Public Health Association

Tekabe Ayalew, Amare Dejene and Yared Mekonnen
Assessment of unmet needs and the demand for family planning in Adis-Ababa.

Mathewos Wakbulcho
KAP study on natural family planning method and service providers among service providers at primary level of health care.

Alemu Mekonnen and Dennis Carlson
Health institution versus community-based contraception distribution: does payment for modern contraception influence utilization?

Tekabe Ayalew, Amare Dejene and Yared Mekonnen
Fertility preference among currently married women in Addis Ababa.

Tesfaye Shiferaw, Sileshi Demissie and Meseret Shiferaw
Contraceptive, demographic and sexual behaviors of high school students in Jimma, southwestern Ethiopia.

Alemayohu Belayneh and David Zukas
Drug use and purchasing determinants in Addis-Ababa district.
1993; Vol. 7 No. 2; 117

Frew Lemma, Abeba G/mariam and Mebrat Kebede
Assessment of the user characteristic of outpatient service of Jimma hospital.

Mahdi Bekri and David Zakus
Evaluation of district health management teams in Addis-Ababa.

Abebe G/mariam, Frew Lemma and Yilkal Alemu
Utilization of traditional medicine among inpatients in Jimma hospital.

Amare Dejene, Haregewoin Cherinet, Fisseha H/meskel, Abate Gudnefa and Ayalnesh Kebede
Knowledge, attitude and practice towards harmful traditional practices among high school students in Addis Ababa.

Melakebrehan Dagnew and David Zakus
Management needs of hospital medical directors.

Seid Mohammed and Binyam G/egziabher
A cross- sectional study of anthropometric measurements of women in reproductive age group attending family planning clinics in Jimma town.

Mahedere Shiferaw, Fekadu Ayele, Chali Jira and Fassil Tessema
Prevalence of xerophtalmia among children in Jimma town, southwestern Ethiopia.

Abebe G/mariam, Ferew Lemma and Wubshet Woldemichael
Prevalence of xerphtalmia in children six months to six years of age in Agaro town.

Mathewos Wakbulcho, Abate Gudnuffa and Bo Moller
Prevalence of anaemia in pregnancy in an urban and rural community of Ethiopia: a preliminary study.

Seleshi T/mariam and Ahmed Ali
Prevalence of low birth weight in urban areas of southwestern Ethiopia.

Tezera Fisseha, Yonas Taffesse, Wondimu Teka and Jamal Hidar
Blinding malnutrition: a serious threat in a district of Arsi Zone.

Habtamu Argaw and George Olwit
The use of students questionnaire in identification of communities at risk of onchocerciasis in Keffa, Southwest Ethiopia.

Muluken Hailu, Leikun Jemaneh and Derege Kebede
Identification of high-risk communities for intestinal schistosomiasis using questionnaires.

Ahmed Ali, Richard William Ashford and Tesfaye Bulto
Visceral leishmaniasis in Ethiopia. I. Cross-sectional skin test in and endemic locality.

Ahmed Ali, Richard William Ashford and Tesfaye Bulto
Visceral leishmaniasis in Ethiopia. II. Annual leishmanin transformation in a population. Is positive leishmanin reaction a life long phenomenon?

Assefa Aga, Frew Lemma, Whitworth, and Aynalem Abraha
Clinico-epidemiological survey on onchocerciasis in two villages, southwestern Ethiopia.

Hailu Yeneneh
Anti malarial drug utilization by women in central Ethiopia.

Abebe G/mariam, Sissay Wondimagegn, Sileshi Demissie and Aynalem Abraha
A review of First pregnancy in Jimma town.

Daba Mossisa and Denis Carlson
Sexually transmitted diseases with emphasis on syphilis among pregnant women in Ketchene Awraja, Adis Ababa.

Telahun Teka
Causes of child mortality in Gondar hospital.

Denis Carlson
Some historical and philosophical aspects of education and training for public health personnel in Ethiopia.

Melakebrehan Dagnew and Melake Damena
A review of examination performance on nursing i students at the Gondar college of medical sciences.

Mulugeta H/michael, Fekadu Ayele, Chali Jira and Fassil Tessema
Medial students attitude towards community health in Jimma.

Amare Degene, Eyasu yisak, Tekabe Ayalew and Yared Mekonnen
Documentation of research development and assessment of computer facilities in the health sector in Ethiopia.

Berhanu Demeke and Geoge Olwit
The challenge of home based care for AIDs patients in Ethiopia.

Shabir Ismail
High-risk behavior for the spread of HIV infection in to rural Ethiopia.

Hailegnaw Eshete, Norman Hearst, Jefferi Mandel and Krysia Lindan
High-risk behavior and the use of condom in Nazareth town, Ethiopia.

Shabir Ismail and Charles Larson
Routes of spread of HIV infection in to rural Ethiopia.

Asnake Hailu, Tesfu Lisanwork, Cherinet Negari, Betelehem Ashenie, Edom Ghirmay, Taye Tulema and Dejene Fanta
Knowledge, attitude and practice on HIV/AIDs among pupils of a rural high school In northwestern Ethiopia.

Yeshi Wodemedhin, Amare Degene and Hailu Tegenework
In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility status of bacteria from different clinical specimen in NRIH.

Feleke Bojia, Amare Dejene and Yared Mekonnen
Retrospective study of cervical carcinoma.

Abebe mebratu James Hanley and Derege Kebede
Tuberculin response of Ethiopian children after BCG vaccination at Birth.

Seid Mohammed, Fassil Tessema and Assefa Alem
Tuberculin test survey in Yebu elementary school children, Jimma zone.

Almaz Abebe, Solomon Abebe, Miruts Ghidey and Belachew Taffesse
Rota virus infection in pediatrics diarrhea in Addis –Ababa, Ethiopia.

Seyoum Taticheff
Status of the Guinea worm eradication programme in Ethiopia.

Tesfaye Bulto, Roland Kazen and Heather Currie
Urban ulcer problem in hanssen's disease.

Taye Engida and Belayneh Hailu
Dermatological manifestations in HIV infected Ethiopian patients.

Esikindir Reshid, Derege Kebede and Ataly Alem Ejigou.
Evaluation of an amharic version of the CIDI and prevalence estimation of mental disorders according to DSM-III-R in Arada district, Addis Abeba.

Asnake Hailu, Mandefero Mengistu, Negib Salih, Wondimagegn Hailu, Yemane Solomon,
Yoseph Assefa and Zelalem Tesfaye
Cigarrete smoking among pupils os a rural high school in north western Ethiopia.

Kebede Faris, Tassew Berhe and Hailemariam Churco
Solid waste problem, collection and disposal programme in Jimma town: southwest Ethiopia.


1994: Volume 8 (Number 1)

Original Articles
Wondatir Nigatu, Beyene Petros, Mesfin Lulu, Nessibu Adugna, Robert Wirft and Dejene Tilahun
Some aspects of malaria prevalence, vector infectivity and DDT resistance studies in Gambella region southwest Ethiopia.

Betemariam Berhanu
Fertility and contraceptive use in rural Dalle, Southern Ethiopia.

Melakebrehan Dagnew and Melake Damena
A review of the academic performance of medical students in Gondar.

Hailu Yeneneh
Survey of intestinal parasites in Bure area, Illubabur, Southwestern Ethiopia.

Ghirmay Haile, Chali Jira and Tadesse Molla
Intestinal parasitism among Jiren elementary and Junior secondary school students in southwestern Ethiopia.

Tirusew Teferra
Psychosocial and educational profile of students with disabilities in Addis Ababa University.

Adane Bitew and Dawit abate
Antifungal metabolites from submerged culture of Ganoderma Lucidum (Polypore).

National AIDS control programme, MOH
AIDS case surveillance in Ethiopia.

1994: Volume 8 (Number 2)

Original Articles
Charles P. Larson and Tadele Dessie
Health in Ethiopia: A summary of 52 district health profiles.

Yesahak Worku and Sinkinesh Ejigu
Some chemical constituents of selected water sources in and around Adis Ababa.

Saba Woldemichael, Dennis G. Carlson and Derege Kebvede
Care givers' knowledge, beliefs, attitude and practices on case management of acute respirator illnesses in a rural district in Ethiopia.

Mogessie Ashenafi
The in vitro antibacterial activity of "Tazma Mar" honey produced by stingless bee.

Feleke Bojia, Amare Dejene and Yared Mekonnen
Retrospective study of cervical carcinoma: 1988-1992.

National AIDs programme, MOH
AIDs case surveillance in Ethiopia.

Excerpts from transitional Government's Proclamation No 41/1993 and heath policy. 1994;8(2):139-145

1994: Volume 8 (Special Issue)

Desta Shamebo
Doctoral thesis: Epidemiology for public health research and action in developing society: Butajira Rural Health Project.
1994:8(Special Issue)


1995: Volume 9 (Number 1)

Original Articles
Fekade Shewakena, Helmut Kloos, Fekadu Abebe and Hailu Birrie
Schistosoma mansoni infection in Jiga town, Gojam administrative region.

Kidane G/Kidan and Bereket Azeze
Survey of condom use among college students.

Kassaye Jiru and kelbessa Urga
Forms and contents of oxalate and calcium in some vegetables in Ethiopia.

M Elizabeth Duncan, Gerard Tibaus, Andree Pelfer, Letebirhan Mehari, Peter L Petine, John Peutherer, Hugh Young, Yasmin Jamil, Sohrab Darougor, Inga Lind, Karin Reimann, Peter Piot, Erwin Roggen
A sociological and serological study of attenders at family planning clinics in Addis Ababa.

M Elizabeth Duncan, Gerard Tibaus, Andree Pelfer, Letebirhan Mehari, Peter L Petine, John Peutherer, Hugh Young, Yasmin Jamil, Sohrab Darougor, Inga Lind, Karin Reimann, Peter Piot, Erwin Roggen
Prevalence and significance of sexually transmitted diseases among Ethiopian women attending antenatal clinics in Addis-Ababa.

Tekabe Ayalew, Amare Dejene and Yared Mekonnen
Unmet need and the demand for family planning in Addis Ababa.

Review Articles
Atalay Alem, Menilik Desta and Mesfin Araya
Mental health in Ethiopia: EPHA expert group report.

National HIV/AIDS update

1995: Volume 9 (Number 2)

Original Articles
Almaz Abebe, Solomon Abebe, Miruts Ghiday and Belachew Taffesse
Rota virus infection in under-five children in Yekatit 12 hospital.

Hailu Birrie and Berhanu Erko
Giardiasis in Ethiopia.

Assefa Aga, Frew Lemma and J.A.G. Whitworth
Features of onchocerciasis in two rural villages of south –western Ethiopia.

Melakebrehan Dagnew and Melake Damena
Attrition rates among student nurses at the Gondar college of medical sciences.

Yonas Sisay and Yonas Tegene
Prevalence of syphilis iamong Ethiopian blood donors.

Binyam Kebede, Kelbessa Urga and Ayele Nigatu
Effects of processing methods on the trypsin inhibitor, tannins, phytic acid and ODAP contents of grass pea seeds.

Mogessie Ashenafi and Tetemke Mehari
Some microbiological and nutritional properties of Borde and Shamita, traditional Ethiopian fermented beverages.

Cherinet Abuye, Bantirgu Haile-mariam, Hanna Neka-tibeb, Kelbessa Urga and Zewde Wolde-Gebriel
Urinary iodine excretion in relation to goiter prevalence in households of goiter endemic and non-endemic regions of Ethiopia.

Review Articles

Melakebrehan Dagnew, Misganaw Fantahun and Shabir Ismail.
Epidemic prone diseases in Ethiopia: EPHA expert group report.

1995: Volume 9 (Number 3)

Original Articles
Yemane Berhane and David Zakus
Community awarness and practice of family planning in an urban community in Addis-Ababa.

Yared Mekonnen, Tekabe Ayalew and Amare Dejene
Estimation of Child mortatlity in Addis Ababa.

Fekadu Abebe, Shibru Tedla, Hailu Birrie and Girmay Medhin
Transmission dynamics of schistosoma mansoni in an irrigation setting in Ethiopia.

Fekadu Abebe and Shibru Tedla
The cercarial emergence rhythm of schistosoma mansoni in Ethiopia.

Review Articles

M.K. Bhattacharya and Telahun Teka
ORT in diarrhea: an overview.

Amaha Mekasha, Frew Lemma and Tesfaye shiferaw
Child health problems in Ethiopia. EPHA expert group report.

Brief communication

Amha Kebede, Hussein Mohammed and Tilahun Woldemichael
A comparative studies on two culture methods for hookworm species identification.


1996: Volume 10 (Number 1)

Original Articles
Negussie Zerihun
Blindness in Jimma. A hospital –based survey.

Kassahun Melese
Assessment of students attrition at Jimma institute of health sciences.

Wondimagegnehu Alemu and Senait Kebede
Residual poliomyelitis lameness survey in Addis Abeba Ethiopia.

Ghimja Fessihaye, Rawleigh C. Howe, Yilma Desta and D. Frommel
Immunomodulatory potency of methanolic extract of croton macrostachyus on monocytic leukemia cell ine (THP-1 cell).

Negussu Mekonnen
Pattern of drug utilization in Addis-Ababa over seven year interval (1989 to 1995).

Eyob Tadesse, Abate Gudnuffa and Genet Mengistu
A survey of Adolescent reproductive health in the city of Addis Ababa.

Mogessie Ashenafi
Growth potential of some food borne pathogens in various traditional Ethiopian sauces.

Amr A Hashmat Rostom and Eyasu Mekonnen
The protective effect of Nigella sativa against respiratory distress in normal and sensitized guinea pigs.

Abebe G/mariam and Fekadu Ayele
Maternal comprehension of growth chart and its effect on the health of a child.

Tigest Ketsela and Derege Kebede
Pattern of feeding of infant in Addis Ababa.

1996: Volume 10 (Number 2)

Original Articles
Eskindir Reshid, Derege Kebede and Atalay Alem
Evaluation of an Amharic version of the composite international Diagnostic interview (CIDI) in Ethiopia.

Eyasu Mekonnen
Is Linum Usitatissimum seed a potential medicine in the therapy of peptic ulcer?

Aschalew Hundie and David Zakus
Water supply status of a community and its attitude towards using a new method for a raw water treatment.

Nesibu Adugna, Metiku Woldegiorgis, Dejene Tilahun, Amha Kebede and Mamuye Hadis
Assessment of the infection rate of onchocerciasis in the resettled and indigenous communities of Assosa, western Ethiopia.

Tesfayi G/selassie
Determinants of contraceptive use among urban use in Ethiopia.

Hailu Yeneneh, Fekadu Abebe, Hailu Birrie and T/mariam Ayele
Praziquantel in the control of schistosoma mansoni infection in Jiga, north western Ethiopia.

Mebrat Kebede, Frew Lemma and Abebe G/mariam
Assessment of the user characteristics of the out-patient service of Jimma hospital.

Mogossie Ashenafi and Yewelsew Abebe
Microbial load and incidence of staphylococcus aureus in market Bulla and Kocho, traditional Ethiopian processed food products from enset (Enset ventricosum).

Solomon Demamu
Assessment of contraceptive utilization pattern of Kolla Diba health centre.

Brief communication

Hailu Birrie and Ghirmay Medhin
Comparison of different kato templates for quantitative fecal egg count of intestinal helminth parasites.

1996: Volume 10 (Number 3)

Original Articles
Tigest Ketsela, Derege Kebede, Chanyalew Belachew and Hana Neka-Tibeb
Breast feeding in Addis –Ababa, Ethiopia. Results of a focus group study.

Tilahun Teka
Causes of child mortatlity in Gondar hospital, Ethiopia.

Melkie Edris and Getnet Erakli
The prevalence of low birth weight and factors associated with low birth weight delivery in Gondar region, north west Ethiopia.

Zelalem Fekadu
Social-psychological factors associated with contraceptive attitudes of married women in the Kechene community of Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mirgissa Kaba
Utilization of plant medicine for the treatment of health problems: the case of the Oromo Chora district, Illubabur zone, Western Ethiopia.

Ahmed Abdella
Retrospective study on abortion admissions in Jimma hospital. South west Ethiopia.

Mengistea Mesfin and James Farrow
Determinants of antenatal care utilization in Arsi zone, central Ethiopia.

Review Article

Hailegnaw Eshete and Teferra Sahlu
The progression of HIV/ AIDs in Ethiopia.

Miscellaneous (Book Review)
Gibson R
Principles of nutritional assessment Oxford: University Press, 1990. 691 pages, hard cover ISBN 0-19-505838-0.


1997: Volume 11 (Number 1)

Original Articles
Tokola Endeshaw, Amha Kebede and Senait Assefa
Observation of blood microfilariae during human trypanosomiasis survey in Gambella, south west Ethiopia.

Fisseha Eshetu, David Zakus and Derege Kebede
The attitude of students, parents and teachers towards the promotion and provision of condom for adolescents in Addis-Ababa.

Antenanae Kora
Community based family planning service: A performance assessment of Jimma FP CBD project.

Tekola Endeshaw, Amha Kebed, Mamuye Haddis, Tesfaye Tilahun and Teffera Asfaw
The human trypanosomiasis situation in Gambella, south western Ethiopia.

Shabir Ismail, Habteab Bitsaumlak and Khasu Alemu
High risk sexual behavior for STD/ HIV, pregnancies and contraception among high school students in a rural town, north western Ethiopia.

Solomon Demamu, Shabir Ismail and Mekonnen Yihdego
The nominal group technique for participating communities in analyzing rural town water and sanitation situation.

Solomon Tesfaye, Derege Kebede and Sally Stansfield
Pneumonia and malaria in under five children of southern Ethiopia.

Afework Gellete, Derege Kebede and Yemane Berhane
Tuberculosis and HIV infection in southern Ethiopia.

Kelbessa Urga, Alemu Fite and Eskinder Biratu
Effect of natural fermentation on nutritional and antinutritional factors of teff (Eragrostis tef).

Kelbessa Urga, Ayely Nigatu and Eskinder Biratu
Development of a tempe-related food using kocho and grass pea as substrate. 1997;11(1):67-73

Kelbessa Urga, Alemu Fite and Eskinder Biratu
Natural fermentation of enset (Enset vetricosum) for the production of Kocho.

Kebede Abegaz, Gulilat Dessie and Mogessie Ashenafi
Microbial load and microflora of "chat" (cat edulis Forsk) and effects of "chat" juice on some food born pathogens.

Brief communication

Hindjifata Mengesha, Hailu Birrie and Gunnar Gundrsen
The molluscicidal effect of the bark of "Bitza" tree (albizia coriaria): a local discovery towards the control of schistosomiasis in the abay river valley of western Ethiopia.

Letter to the Editor
Yuri Korneev
Finding on the eye disease connected with Herpes Zoster at the Balcha hospital.

1997: Volume 11 (Number 2)

Original Articles
Yared Mekonnen, Gebeyohu Damecha and Cherinet Ambaye
Establishing ranges of clinical normal limits and comparison with adopted limits for adult population.

Haile Getachew and Fekadu Ayele
Attitudes of medical graduates of Jimma institutes of health sciences towards research programme. A preliminary study.

Fikru Tesfaye, Fikre Enquselassie, Kedir Ali and Goitom Andom
EPI coverage in Adami-tullu Wereda.

Beyene Petros, Solomon Belayneh and Yared Mekonnen
AIDS and college students in Addis-Abeba. A study of knowledge, attitude and behavior.

Belay Roma and Solomon Worku
Magnitude of schistosoma mansoni and intestinal helminthic infections among school children in Wondo-Genet Zuria, southern Ethiopia.

Ahmed Ali
Visceral Leishmaniasis in Southern Ethiopia. I. Environmental and behavioral risk factors.

Ahmed Ali
Visceral Leishmaniasis in Southern Ethiopia. II. Nutritional risk factors.

Eyasu Mekonnen, Amr A. H. Rostom, Getachew Assefa and Legesse Zerihun
Antifertility effect of Jatropha Curcas L. Seed in Guinea pigs.

Zeleke W/Tensay and Aschalew Mengistu
Indigenous weaning foods: Hygiene and diarrheal diseases in rural settings, Jimma zone.

Yonas Tafesse, Aberra Ambaye and Zewdie Woldemichael
Nutritional blindness inTigray region, northern Ethiopia.

Habtamu Fufa Aga and Kelbessa Uraga Bedada
Nutritional and antinutritional characteristics of Anchote (Coccinia Abyssinica).

Review Article

Damen H/mariam
Health care in the market sphere.

Lulu Muhe
The boundary between "health" and "disease"

1997: Volume 11 (Number 3)

Original Articles
Terefe Wondimagegnehu, Hailu Birrie and Hailu Yeneneh
Schistosomiasis and intestinal helminthic infections in Delo Awraja, Bale administrative region south Ethiopia.

Assefa H/ Mariam and Mekonnen Tesfaye
Determinants of infant and early and childhood mortality in a small urban community of Ethiopia: A hazard model analysis.

Mussie Haile and Wondu Alemayohu
Clinical characteristics of orbital tumors as seen in a tertiary eye centre.

Antenane Korra
Quality of family planning services at the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE) clinic: The clients' perspective.

Negussie Zerihun
Xerophtalmia at a welfare home in Jimma town.

Hailu Birrie, Girmay Medihin, Berhanu Erko, Gedlu Beshah and Teferi Gemechu
Intestinal helminthic infections among the current residents of the future Fincha sugar plantation area. Western Ethiopia.

Hailu Birrie, Teferi Gemechu, Fekadu Balcha, Getahun Berro, Meshesha Balkew and Ghirmay Medhin
Health risk assessment of a planned irrigation scheme along the Genale river, south Ethiopia.

Moges Kassa and Robert Mshanan
Establishment of two lines of Ethiopian isolates of plasmodium falciparum in vitro.

Abdulreshid Abdullahi Bekri and Mohammed Haji Hyder Ali
Morbid grief I. Are close relatives of the "red-terror" victims of Addis-Ababa still suffering from a morbid grief and other complications of bereavement?

Abdulreshid Abdullahi Bekri and Mohammed Haji Hyder Ali
Morbid grief II. The phenomenology of pathologic grief process. Depression and anxiety among close relatives of the "red-terror" victims.

Abdulreshid Abdullahi Bekri and Mohammed Haji Hyder Ali
Morbid grief II. The influence of variables on the degree of grief reaction. Depression and anxiety among close relatives of the "red-terror" victims.

Mohammed Abdulahi and Tesfaye Shiferaw
Pattern of prescription in Jimma hospital.

Berhanu Erko, Teferi Gemechu, Girmay Medhin and Hailu Birrie
Reinfection of school children with schistosoma mansoni in the Fincha valley, western Ethiopia.

Yodit Sahle-mariam and Yemane Berhane
Neonatal mortality among hospital delivered babies in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mekonnen Assefa and Fassil Tessema
Infant survivorship and occurrence of multiple-births: A longitudinal community base study, south west Ethiopia.

Leykun Jemmaneh
Intestinal helminth infections in school children in Aderkay woreda (district), north west Ethiopia, with special reference to schistosomiasis mansoni.

Review Article
Samson Bayu and Wondu Alemayohu
Evaluation of Hutchinson's sign in HIV associated herpes zoster ophthalmicus.

1997: Volume 11 (Special Issue)

Derege Kebede
Risk factors for acute lower respiratory infections in children in Addis-Ababa. Review of the literature and description of the study setting. 1997;11(Special issue):299-313

Derege Kebed and Walter C Willet
Socio-demographic characteristics and indoor air pollution as risk factors for acute lower respiratory infections in under five children in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. 1997;11(Special issue):315-325

Derege Kebed and Walter C Willet
Nutritional and dietary risk factors of acute lower respiratory infections in under five children in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.
1997;11(Special issue):327-338

Derege Kebede, Melaku Umeta, Elizabeth Wuhib, Kelbessa Urga and Walter C Willet
The validity and reproducibility of a semi quantitative food frequency questionnaire used for measuring dietary vitamin A intake in under five children in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.
1997;11(Special issue):339-346

Lulu Muhe
Acute respiratory infection in rural Ethiopian children. Description of the study setting and review of the literature.
1997;11(Special issue):347-359

Lulu Muhe, Lennart Freij, Peter Byass, Anita Standstrom and Stig Wall
A one year community study of under-five in rural Ethiopia: Pattern of morbidity.
1997;11(Special issue):361-367

Lulu Muhe, Lennart Freij, Peter Byass, Anita Standstrom and Stig Wall
A one year community study of under-five in rural Ethiopia: Public health determinants of morbidity.
1997;11(Special issue):369-376

Lulu Muhe, Lennart Freij, Peter Byass, Anita Standstrom and Stig Wall
A one year community study of under-five in rural Ethiopia. Health and behavioral determinants of morbidity.
1997;11(Special issue):377-382


1998: Volume 12 (Number 1)

Original Articles
Zerihun Tadesse, Charles P. Larson and Jame A. Hanley
Anthropometric status of oromo Women of childbearing age in rural south western Ethiopia. 1998;12(1):1-7

Tsehaynesh Mesele and Solomon Abebe
Soroepidemiological investigations on typhus in Makelle, Dessie and nearby towns.

Negussie Taffa
Sexual activity of out-of-school youth, and their knowledge and attitude about STDs and HIV/AIDS in southern Ethiopia.

Mesfin Lulu, Mamuye Hadis, Yared mekonnen and Teferra Asfaw
Chromosomal inversion polymorphisms of Anopheles arbiensis from some localities in Ethiopia in relation to host feeding choice.

Tesfaye Getaneh, Afework Assefa and Zerihun Tadesse
Rickets and knowledge and practice of exposure to sunlight in Jimma town.

Seleshi T/mariam and Ahmed Ali
Birth weight pattern and factors affecting birth weight in urban areas of south western Ethiopia.

Jemal Haidar and Hana Neka-Tibeb
Xerophtalmia in children of Torbayo village, west Hararghae.

Tsegaye Demissie, Nelson Muroki and Wamboi Kogi-Makau
Food taboos among pregnant women in Hdiya zone, Ethiopia.

Yemane Beyene and Yemane Berhane
Health and social problems of street children.

Seter Siziya, Varaidzo C. Dipura, Tongesai Dunda and Justice Gweshe
Risk factors for essential hypertension in a high density town near Harare, Zembabwe: A plot study.

Brief Communication
Hailu Birrie, Fekadu Balcha and Fekadu Abebe
Intestinal parasitoses among under-fives in two communities in Ethiopia. 1998;12(1):63-67

1998: Volume 12 (Number 2)

Original Articles
Temotewos Genebo, Woldemariam Girma, Jemal Haidar and Tsegaye Demissie
Factors contributing to positive and negative deviance in child nutrition.

Hassen Taha Sherief
Children's norm for hand grip strength. A preliminary study.

Fikru Tesfaye
Management of childhood illnesses at seven health stations in Arisi Zone.

Dawit Dikaso Dilbato, Zeleke Gobe Kuma and Shiferaw T/mariam
A base line survey on prescribing indicators and the underlying factors influencing prescribing in southern Ethiopia.

Antenane Kora
Situation analysis of family planning services in Ethiopia.

Yared Mekonnen, Takabe Ayalew and Amare Degene
High-risk birth, fertility intention and unmet need in Addis Ababa.

Nigatu Yimenie and Marion Robbins
In vitro activity of some fluoroquinonlones and other unrelated antimicrobial agents against bacterial enteric pathogens.

Dawit Wolday and Wondwossen Ergete
Patterns of neoplastic diseases among HIV- infected and HIV-uninfected patients.

Tufa Gemechu
Bone and articular cartilage tumors as seen in the Dept. of pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Addis Ababa University.

Mezgebu Tegene and Mogessie Ashenafi
Microbial load and incidence of salmonella spp. In ‘kitfo', a traditional Ethiopian spiced, minced meat dish.

Wolde-Aregay Erku and Mogessie Ashenafi
Microbial load and microflora of weaning foods obtained from pediatric outpatient in Addis-Ababa.

Review Article
Carl Johan A.J. Rohlin
Demographic transition in an Ethiopian context.

Brief Communication
Tekola Endeshaw and Tilahun Woldemichael
Comparison of two concentration technique in detection of intestinal parasites.

Miscellaneous (Letter to the Editor)

Haile-yesus Getahun
Tolperisone HCL and the quality of life of neurolathyrism in rural Ethiopia.

1998: Volume 12 (Number 3)

Original Articles
Kelbessa Urga and Narasimha HV
Traditional sour dough bread (Difo Dabbo) making: I. Effects on phytic acid destruction.

Kelbessa Urga and Narasimha HV
Traditional sour dough bread (Difo Dabbo) making:II. Effects on HCL extractability of minerals.

Kebede Faris
Survey of occupational safety and sanitary conditions in small scale enterprises in Jimma south western Ethiopia.

Abdulhamid Bedri Kello
Impacts of AIDs on the economy and health care services in Ethiopia.

Tesfamariam Alemayehu, Tewodros Adhanom Gebreyesus, Karen Hanna Witten, Andrea Bosman and Awash T/hymanot
Community based malaria control programme in Tigray Region, northern Ethiopia. Results of a mortality survey of rural under-five children.

Solomon Demamu, Fekadu Ayele, Lealem Tilahun, Samuel Fekadu, wossen T/hymanot and Yosep Dawit
Epidemiologic survey of respiratory symptoms among workers of small grain mills and others.

Yesehak Worku, Milkias Shamebo, Olof wisen and Gonfa Ayana
Hematological and micronutrient values in volunteer subjects in Addis Ababa.

Tsegaye Demissie, Jemal Haidar, Hailemichael Gebreselassie, Eskindir Biratu and Habtamu Fufa
Vitamin A status in three weredas of Kambatta, Alaba and Timbaro zone southern people's region.

Tsehai Assefa, Tilahun woldemichael and Amare Degene
Intestinal parasitism among students in three localities in south wollo, Ethiopia.

Leykun Jemaneh
Schistosomiasis mansoni and geo-helminthiasis in school children in the Dembia plains, north west Ethiopia.

Hirut Degefa, Berhanu Gudetta, Lulu Muhe and Hagos Beyene
The pattern of childhood tuberculosis at the Ethio-Swedish children's hospital.

Negussu Mekonnen Eyasu Mekonnen and Kahsay G/Tsadik
Behavioral changes and development of tolerance to repeated administration of khat (catha edulis Forsk) in mice.

Brief Communication

Dawit Dikasso, Dilabato, Kibru Woriku, Nigani and Kassa Daka Gidebo
Drug use pattern in private drug retail outlets.

Miscellaneous (Letter to the Editor)
Tesfaye Mengesha
What next after Fansidar? The question of antimalarial drugs in Ethiopia.

1998: Volume 12 (Special Issue)

Original Articles
Desta Alamerew and G/selassie Okubazgi
Determinants of Symptomatic and asymptotic malaria.
1998;12(special issue):69-74

Nesibu Adugna, Beyene Petros, Metiku Woldegiorgis, Degene Tilahun and Mesfin Lulu.
A study of the status of A. Tenebrosus (Donit 7 1902) in the transmission of Malaria in Sille, southern Ethiopia.
1998;12(special issue):75-80

Tarekegn Abos, Birkinesh Ameneshewa, Awash T/hymanot, Assefa Nega and Vincenzp Petrarca
Cytogenetic studies on the anopheles gambie complex in Ethiopia.
1998;12(special issue):81-83

Tesfaye Mengesha, Fekeda Balcha, Assefa Nega, Akira Ishii and Tsuchiya Tomofussa
Drug profile variation among plasmodium falciparum isolates in Ethiopia.
1998;12(special issue):85-89

Tedros A. Ghebreyesus and Desta Alamerew
Response of Plasmodium Falciparum to choloroquine and sulfadoxine primethamine in Areka and Sawala, Southern Ethiopia
1998;12(special issue):91-95

Tesfaye Mengesha, Wondatir Negatu, Hailegnaw Eshete, Akira Ishii and Tsuchiya Tomofussa
Survey of the malaria immune status of selected communities in Gambella, south west Ethiopia.
1998;12(special issue):97-102

Tedros A. Ghebreyesus, K. Rebecca Jones and Awash T/hymanot
Analysis of proliferative responses of peripheral blood lymphocytes and T- cell clones from malaria unexposed donors to plasmodium Yoelii and P. Falciparum antigens.
1998;12(special issue):103-109

Brief Communication
Tesfaye Mengesha, Wondatir Negatu, Mitiku Woldegiorgis, Hailegnaw Eshete, Fekade Balcha, Akira Ishii and Tsuchiya Tomofussa
The 1991 malaria epidemic in Ethiopia with reference to outbreak in Zeway, central Ethiopia.
1998;12(special issue):111-114

Review Article
Tesfaye Mengesha, Hailegnaw Eshete, Akira Ishii and Tsuchiya Tomofussa
Famine and malaria epidemics in Ethiopia.
1998;12(special issue):115-122

Yayehyirad Kitaw,Fessha H/meskel and Oli Djirata
Problems, policy and planning options in malaria
1998;12(special issue):123-135


1999: Volume 13 (Number 1)

Original Articles
Amsel Melka and Matewos Assefa
The changing pattern of diseases in the Mid 1990's: experience of a teaching hospital in North Western Ethiopia.

Berhane Seyoum, Jemal Abudulkadir, Fissehatsion G/egziabher and Bekele Alemayehu
Analysis of diabetic patients admitted to Tikur Anbessa hospital over eight years period.

Melakebrhan Dagnew
Status of S. Monsoni infection at Gorgora, north west Ethiopia.

Tilahun Woldemichael, Tekola Endeshaw, Teshome Shibire, Tesfaye Gebre, Mamuye Hadis, Degene Tilahun, Lisanework G/yesus and Sisay Dereje
Intestinal parasitic infection in western Abaya with special reference to schistosomiasis mansoni.

Tsegaye Demissie, Nelson Muroki and Wamboi Kogi- Makau
Pregnacy –related food aversions in Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia.

Aster Tsegaye, Yalemtsehay Mekonnen and Seyoum Taticheff
Types of anaemia due to hook-worm infection among the population of Wolliso.

Daniel Asrat, Audrey Hathaway and Erik Dkwall
Antimicrobial sensitivity pattern Camplobacter strains isolated from patients in Tikur-Anbessa and Ethio-Swedish children's hospital. 1999;13(1):41-44

Tesfaye Getaneh and woru Legesse
Sanitary chemical analysis of protected springs in Jimma Zone, south western Ethiopia.

Tsegaye K/mariam and Sheferaw Alemayehu
Assessment of the breeding and maintenance problems of laboratory animals in Ethiopia.

Temotewos Genebo, Woldemariam Girma, Jemal Haidar and Tsegaye Demissie
The association of children's Nutritional status to maternal education in Zigbaboro, Gurragae Zone, Ethiopia.

Abebe Kifle and Wondwossen Ergete.
Female genital tuberculosis in gynecological specimens examined at the department of pathology, faculty of medicine, Addis Ababa university, Ethiopia: 20 years experience.

1999: Volume 13 (Number 2)

Original Articles
Ayele Belachew and Yemane Berhane
Noise induced hearing loss among industrial textile workers.

Kebede Faris and Mirgissa Kaba
Hygienic behavior and environmental conditions in Jimma town, south western Ethiopia.

Jemal Haidar, Tsegaye Demissie, H/michael G/selassie, Habtamu Fufa, Eskindir Biraty and Hana Nekatibeb
Vitamin A deficiency status in Tigray region, Ethiopia, 1996

Dawit Dikasso Dilbato and Tadesse Molla Tito
Medical preparation and use of Garlic by traditional healers in southern Nations Nationalities and peoples state, Ethiopia.

Mesfin Kassaye, Hassen Taha Sherief, Ghimja Fissehaye and Teshome Teklu
"Drug" use among high school students in Addis-Ababa.

Antenane Kora and Mesfin Haile
Sexual behavior and level of awareness on reproductive health among youths. Evidence from Harar, Eastern Ethiopia.

Kassahun Melesse and Aschalew Mengistu
Supplementary examination opportunity at Jimma Institute of health sciences: success?.

Getachew Fisseha, Yemane Berhane and Gebre-Emanuel Teka
Public catering establishment in Addis-Ababa: Physical and sanitary facilities.

Teffera Abula and Zerusenay Desta
Prescribing pattern of drugs in pediatrics wards of three Ethiopian hospitals.

Mesfin Kassaye, Hassen Taha Sherief, Ghimja Fissehaye and Teshome Teklu
"Drug " use and associated factors as perceived by health professionals, farmers, the youth and law enforcement agencies in Ethiopia.

Mesganaw Fantahun and Yekoye Abebe
Self reported disease conditions among workers of the textile mill in Bahir-Dar, north west Ethiopia.

Brief Communications
Ibrahim Ali. Girma Mekete and Negussie Wodajo
Intestinal parasitism and related risk factors among students of Asendabo elementary and junior secondary school south western Ethiopia.

Tufa Gemechu
Ameloblastom of the jaws in Ethiopia.

1999: Volume 13 (Number 3)

Original Articles
Bitew Fisseha, Beyene Petros, Tilahun Woldemichael and Hussen Mohammed
Diarrhea associated parasitic infectious agents in AIDs patients within selected Addis-Ababa hospitals.

Belete Tegbaru, Hailu Meles, Bitew fisseha, Yared Mekonnen and Hagos Haile
Evaluation of five commercial assays for detecting HIV 1 and 2 antibodies, Addis Ababa.

Wondwossen Ergete
Fine-needle aspiration of palpable breast lesions with histopathologic correlation's.

Mengistu Asnake and Melesse W/Dawit, Mohammed Ahmed, Timotiwos Genebo and Bereket Mekibib
The involvement of the general health service staff in the management of leprosy in the southern region, Ethiopia.

Tirussew Teffera
Retrospective study of childhood experiences of persons with disabilities and high achievement profiles in Ethiopia.

Nugussie Tafa, Rahel Hymanot, Selamu Desalegn, Alemayehu Tesfaye and Kedir Mohammed
Do young people and parents communicate on sexual matters? The situation of family life education (FLE) in a rural town in Ethiopia.

Mintesnot Ashebir and Mogessie Ashenafi
Assessment of antibacterial activity of some traditional medicinal plants on some food born pathogens.

Yemane Berhane, Eyassu Mekonnen, Legesse Zerihun and Getachew Assefa
Perception of fertility regulation in a remote community, south Ethiopia.

Yohannes Mengistu, Worku Ergie and Bahrie Bellete
Invitro susceptibility of staphylococci to chlorhexidine and antibiotics.

Gugusa Abate, Wambu Kogi- Makau, Nelson M. Muroki.
Child feeding practices as predictors of nutritional status of children in a slum area in Addis- Ababa, Ethiopia.

Yesehak Worku, Sinknesh Ejigu Worku Erge and Leykun Jemaneh
Chemical physical and microbiological characteristics of various sources of water in and around Addis-Ababa.

Abdulreshid Abdulahi Bekri
Trends in suicide, parasuicide and accidental poisoning in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.

Abdulreshid Abdulahi Bekri
Trends in suicide, parasuicide and accidental poisoning in children in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.

Zewditu Getahun, Rachel Elsom, Hailemichael G/selassie, Leslie Jhon Charles Bluck, Yonnas Tafesse, Anthony Wright and Grahm Jennings.
Breast milk intake measured by deutrium kinetics in mother-infant pairs in Addis Ababa.
1999;13(3):271-279 Brief Communications

Daniel Fekadu, Abebaw Fekadu and Ataly Alem
Conforming to the international classification of disease: A critique on health information reporting system in Ethiopia.

Samson Taffesse, Maria Grazia and Woldemariam Girma
Maternal energy and macronutrient insecurity in an ensete-corn staple village of southern Ethiopia.

1999: Volume 13 (Special Issue)

Yemane Berhane, Stig Wall, Derege Kebede, Anders Emmelin, Fikre Enquselassie, Peter Byass, Lulu Muhe, Tobias Anderson, Negussie Deyessa, Yegomawork Gossaye, Ulf Hogberg, Atalay Alem, Kjerstin Dahlblom.
Establishing an epidemiological field laboratory in rural areas- potential for public health research and interventions. The Butajira Rural Health Programme 1987- 99.
1999;13(special issue):1-47